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World Link (Nepal) Internet Services Comparison

Dial-up Internet

Dial-up access is a form of Internet access through which the client uses a modem connected to a computer and a telephone line to dial into an Internet service provider's (ISP) node to establish a modem-to-modem link, which is then routed to the Internet.


Dial-Up Standard (Single Line)
Rs 3,500 per year
Premium Dial-Up (Two telephone lines) 
DurationRs. Per MonthRs. Total
500 x 6
Delux Dial-Up (multiple telephone)
DurationRs. Per MonthRs. Total
666 x 6
Note:Above Rates are not applicable for Cyber Cafes and PCOs
All plans are prepaid
All prices are exclusive of 13% VAT

Hosted Email Service

WorldLink’s Hosted Email service is a full-featured service that takes away the pain of investing and maintaining e-mail servers without compromising on flexibility and features.

The domain administrator (IT Manager) is able to:

- Create/delete email account

- Set quota for users

- Set domain-wise spam filtering

- Set catch-all email account

- Set forwarders

- Set vacation responders

- Set Auto-responder

- View logging history

- View bandwidth usage

- View disk space

- Receive auto reminder of quota and bandwidth usage

Besides the above, the domain administrator is able to customize the look and feel of the web interface used by users to log in and check emails online. The company logo can also be updated and the URL will show the company’s domain name, not WorldLink’s!

Anti-SPAM features:

The Hosted Email service has a rich set of features at the disposal of the domain administrator and the user to combat spam. The domain administrator may modify spam score settings for the entire domain (all users in the company). Individual users may:

Modify spam score setting

View list of e-mails denied (blocked) by the system as spam or bad email to determine if any legitimate emails were blocked

Create whitelist of email senders to always allow email from these senders to be received (never blocked)

Create blacklist of email senders to always block (e-mails you do not want to receive).

Cable Internet

WorldLink is proud to announce the commencement of Cable Internet Service. This service is currently available in the major areas of the Kathmandu Valley as well as few other cities outside Kathmandu.

Cable Internet: Unlimited Standard

Speed: 192 kbps

3 monthsRs. 3,500
6 monthsRs. 6,500
12 monthsRs. 12,000
Sharing ratio1:10

Cable Internet: Unlimited Premium

Speed: 256 kbps
1 monthRs. 1,500
3 monthsRs. 4,200
6 monthsRs. 8,000
12 monthsRs. 15000
Sharing ratio1:10

Cable Internet: Night Surfing

Speed: Upto 320 kbps
6 months-Rs. 5,500
12 months-Rs. 10,000
Sharing ratio
Time Options:
5:30pm - 9:30am
24 hrs on Sat/Sun

For residential use and recommended for single PC.
Installation Charge: Rs. 3000.00 (includes up-to 100 mtrs of cable)
Subscription and Activation Charge: Rs. 2000.00 Waived

Wireless/Wi-ZOOOM Internet

Wireless broadband Internet is an Internet link which has no physical connection with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This does not require a telephone line or other physical mediums of connectivity. .

Corporate Wireless

WorldLink provides Corporate Wireless connectivity using wireless modems. Wireless modems are installed at the premises of the clients who have a clear line of sight to the WorldLink's Access Points (AP) located at various places. Additionally, these modems operate on a non-standard frequency band, which reduces the
chances of interference from other wireless equipment. Most ISPs in Nepal deploy wireless on the 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz bands, which are highly congested and very susceptible to interference-related problems. 

Wi-ZOOOMe Night Surfing

Speed: Upto 320 kbps
3 Months-Rs. 3,500
6 Months-Rs. 6,000
12 Months-Rs. 11,000
Sharing ratio1:10
For residential use and recommended for single PC.VoIP is accessible.
5:30 PM to 9:30 AM
24 hours internet access on Sat and Sun. (192 kbps)

Wi-ZOOOMe Unlimited Standard

Speed: Upto 192 kbps
3 Months-Rs. 3,750
6 Months-Rs. 7,000
12 Months-Rs. 13,500

Wi-ZOOOMe Unlimited Premium

Speed: Upto 256 kbps
1 Month-Rs. 1,700
3 Months-Rs. 4,800
6 Months-Rs. 9,000
12 Months-Rs. 15,588

Wi-ZOOOM Unlimited Premium

Speed: Upto 512 kbps
1 Month-Rs. 3,500
3 Months-Rs. 9,900
6 Months-Rs. 18,000
12 Months-Rs. 34,000
Sharing ratio1:08
Recommended for medium business up to 5 PC

Wi-ZOOOM Unlimited Standard

Speed: Upto 384 kbps
1 Month-Rs. 2,500
3 Months-Rs. 7,200
6 Months-Rs. 13,800
12 Months-Rs. 26,400
Sharing ratio1:08
Recommended for small business up to 3 PC

Wi-ZOOOM Speed Plus

Speed: 768 kbps and 1 mbps
Vol/Speed768 kbps1 mbps
30 gb (Per Month)Rs 2500Rs 3500
40 gb (Per Month)Rs 3500Rs 4500
50 gb (Per Month)Rs 4000Rs 5000
- All mentioned bandwidths are the downlink bandwidth.
- Dial-up account of 10 hrs/month available for back up purpose
  (To be connected from 2 pre-specified phone lines)
- Free SIP device worth Rs. 4000 and data safe upto 1 GB on subscription of 6 and 12 months and purchase of SIP recharge card worth Rs. 500

Installation cost: Rs. 4000.00

Subscription and Activation: Rs. 6000.00 Waived

*Conditions apply. VAT applicable on all costs

Leased Line

Leased line is referred to as a private line. A leased line is obtained from a communications company (NTL) to provide a transmission medium between two points. The line consists of a permanent dedicated circuit between two points, or to set of previously arranged points.The cost of the line is usually based on the distance between locations. This is in contrast to switched or dial-up lines, which can be connected to any point on the network.

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