Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bachelor of Computer Science and IT (B.Sc.CSIT)

The Bachelor of Computer Science and IT is a four-year, eight semester program. Computer Science and IT (B.Sc.CSIT) course, combines the study of software and hardware, and information and communication technologies, to provide students with the skills needed for a challenging and evolving career.

The B.Sc.CSIT degree course has a core structure that focuses on key skills required for any IT professional such as organizational areas in IT, database management, programming, information systems analysis and design, communications and networks, security, e-business, project management, web-based technology, and professional practice in IT.

Major courses

• Operating System

• Computer networks

• Software Engineering

• Simulation and Modeling

• Database System

• Computer Graphics

• Artificial Intelligence

• Web Technologies

The course is the most flexible that we offer and allows you to adapt your studies to reflect your developing and changing interests. Core topics covered include object-oriented (Java) and imperative (C) programming paradigms, software development techniques, databases, networking and computer architecture. These can be mixed with general computing subjects such as graphics, networking and computer vision. They can also be combined with the themes that support one or more of the specialised degree courses in software engineering, artificial intelligence, distributed computing and computer systems engineering.

Computer Science and IT career

The CSIT graduates have a prosperous career opportunity at different government, non-government, private and public organizations, specially as a:

• Systems Analyst

• Programmer

• IT Officer/Manager

• System Administrator

• Network Administrator



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