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Shine International Education

Shine International Education


There is said to be a huge gap between S.L.C. and higher secondary education in Nepal. To adjust this gap, almost all the colleges provide bridge courses to the S.L.C. pass-outs. After completing S.L.C. and before joining the formal classes at any college, undergoing bride courses is a good idea especially for the students who come from the remote areas of Nepal and are weak in English. However, opting for a right institute for the bridge courses is important. Some colleges use bridge courses as a trick to attract students and taking bridge courses there won’t bear any fruits.

Shine International Education, Naya Baneshwor and Putalisadak provide good bridge courses at a certain fee. The program comprises Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, TOEFL & Entrance preparation and practical classes for Pre - I. Sc and Accounts, Travel and Tourism, Economics, Finance, TOEFL for Pre-Management classes. These classes are so designed that they profoundly help S.L.C. appeared students who especially desire to study Science and Management in Higher Secondary Schools and colleges at different Boards.

Apart from these coaching courses, shine International would also offer Cambridge A Level and Staff Nursing Preparation Courses.


  • To build up a bridge between SLC and higher education in Science and Management
  • To utilize student's spare time in creative and educational activities
  • To develop mental creativity through intellectual exercise and to develop physical fitness through various extra-curricular activities
  • To develop an understanding among colleagues
  • To enhance student's intelligence through interaction among students from various schools
  • To counsel students for further studies
  • To provide scientific skills and understanding about A Level/ 10+2 courses
  • To get Abroad Studies information FOR Singapore and Malaysia after SLC

10+2 / SLC/ CBSE Bridge Course 2009
• Advance Science Course 2009
• Advanced Management Course 2009

A Level Bridge Course 2009
• Advance Science Course 2009
• Advanced Non-Science Course 2009

Entrance Preparation Course 2009
• General
• Intensive
• Special

This course is offered for both Science and Non-Science.

Advanced Science Course: 

NB: A detailed syllabus of the course will be supplied at the time of admission.

Advanced Non-Science Course 2009:

Management Humanities
Accountancy Economics
Business Math Business Studies
Economics Sociology
Business Studies Fine Arts

NB: A detailed syllabus of the course will be supplied at the time of admission.

Science Course Fact

Duration: 10 Weeks
Shifts: Morning 6.30am-10:00am
Afternoon 10:00am-01:30pm
Evening 01.30pm-05:00pm
Sunday to Friday
Course Fee: Rs. 6500.00

Non-Science Course Fact

Duration: 8 Weeks
Shifts: Morning 07:00am-10:00am
Afternoon 11:00am-02:00pm
Evening 2:00pm-05:00pm
Sunday to Friday
Course Fee: Rs. 5500 .00

Entrance Course Fact

Duration: 6 Weeks
Shifts: Morning 07:00am-09:00am
Afternoon 10:00am-12:00pm
Evening 03:00 pm-05:00pm
Sunday to Friday
Course fee: Rs. 3500.00 Special
Rs. 4500.00 General
Rs. 2500.00 Intensive

Shine International Education Pvt. Ltd.
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New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

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