Saturday, October 23, 2010

Online Shopping From Nepal Is Now Possible

As we, well most of computer literate people, know that we can do virtually everything on the web. From news, entertainment, medical diagnosis, shopping to chatting, meeting new people etc. But we, Nepalese are not or lets say cannot utilize the full potential of the services provided in the web and one of those services is Online Shopping. There are various reasons for this like
  • Vendors dont offer international shipping
  • Payment processing is quite cumbersome
  • We dont have access to online payment systems
  • Lack of awareness (maybe )... etc.

There are countless websites that sell items from shoes to aeroplanes online. Some of the top websites in this category are:

But now we dont need to worry much because, a company started by 7 people (3 Nepali and 4 Foreigners) has started offering its service to Nepalese people which allows us to shop from almost any online vendors. You just browse online shopping sites as you normally do and then just paste the URL or web address of the item in . You can also use its Price Estimator to see how much will your item cost when delivered to you here in Nepal.

For more information on how to use click here