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List of world's most expensive single objects

List of world's most expensive single objects

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This is a list of the world's most expensive single objects. The figures below represent the estimated cost to build these objects, not taking into account inflation. This list is not limited to objects of commercial use. It is for the sole purpose of identifying expensive man-made objects and the respective economic costs involved in building them.

CountryTotal cost (in USD)ObjectDescriptionYear of completionImage
 Canada157 billionInternational Space Station
(under construction)
Space station2011(expected)ISS from STS-124 009968.jpg
 Australia42.1 billion (estimated)National Broadband Network
(under construction)
Broadband networkOpen Access Network2017(expected)
 Brazil27 billionItaipu DamHydroelectric river dam1984Itaipu Dam.jpg
 China25 billionThree Gorges Dam
(under construction)
Hydroelectric river dam2011 (expected)Dreischluchtendamm hauptwall 2006.jpg
 United States14.8 billionCentral Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T)Highway Tunnel2007Tunnel-large.jpg
 Canada13.8 billionJames Bay ProjectPhase IHydroelectric river dam1972LG2.jpg
 Switzerland10.5 billion (estimated)Gotthard Base TunnelRailway Tunnel2010TBM S-210 Alptransit Faido East.jpg
 United States8.1 billion per unitCVN-78 class aircraft carrier
(under construction)
United States Navysupercarrier2015 (expected)CVN-78 Artist Image.jpg
 United States8 billion (1977 dollars)Alaska PipelineOil pipeline1977Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Luca Galuzzi 2005.jpg
 Finland7.2 billion .Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant
(under construction)
Nuclear Power Plant2013 (expected)EPR OLK3 TVO fotomont 2 Vogelperspektive.jpg
 European Union6.5 billionITER
(under construction)
Experimental fusion reactor2016 (expected)
European Union CERN6 billionLarge Hadron Collider(LHC)Particle accelerator2008Construction of LHC at CERN.jpg
Germany Germany5.7 billion (estimated)Stuttgart 21Rail station2020 (estimated)
Map Stuttgart 21 outer.svg
 Portugal4.5 billion (estimated)Alcochete Airport
(under construction)
Airport2017 (expected)
 Switzerland4.3 billionLötschberg Base TunnelRailway Tunnel2007Alptransit LBT Frutigen north portal.jpg
 Russia4.3 billionMir
(de-orbited in 2001)
Space station1986Mir on 12 June 1998edit1.jpg
 United States4.2 billionNational Ignition Facility (NIF)Research Facility2009[19]NIF building layout.jpg
 United Kingdom3.9 billionQueen Elizabeth class aircraft carrierRoyal Navy supercarrier2016 (expected)Pa2 uk.svg
 United States3.8 billionDeer Island Waste Water Treatment PlantSewage treatment2000Deerislandeggs.jpg
 Denmark3.8 billionStorebæltsbroenFixed link1998Storebæltsbroen from Sjælland.jpg
 Netherlands3.75 billionOosterscheldekeringStorm surge barrier andfloodgate1986Deltawerke-Oosterschelde-Sturmflutwehr Straße.jpg
 United States3.2 billionUSS Jimmy CarterSeawolf-class submarine2004USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23), departs Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay for a one-night underway that included an embark by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. 11 Aug. 2005.
 United States2 billionMeadowlands (shopping mall)Shopping Mall2011 (expected)Xanadu.JPG