Monday, July 12, 2010

Pinnacle College

Pinnacle College, an umbrella institution of +2 (Science, Commerce and Arts), BBS and Diploma in Pharmacy, has been transformed into a unique academic center for its discipline and excellence. Since its inception in 1998 AD, Pinnacle College has been enjoying and cherishing its outstanding and unparallel academic achievements and reputation. Located at Lagankhel, eastern part of bus park Lalitpur, it is known for its high quality education as it was conceived and established by a long and well-experienced group of teachers. More than 100 teaching and-nonteaching staff are devoting day and night to maintain pure academic environment and more than 1,000 students are striving to becoem nation builders at the moment.


There are more than 600 students studying in science in class XI and XII. There are morning and day shift altogether 13 Sections
There are two shift and around 300 students are studying in XI and XII altogether 7 Sections
There are two shif and around 100 students are studying in XI and XII altogether 4 Sections
There is morning shift 300 students are studying in Ist, 2nd & 3rd year altogether 6 Sections
There is day shift around 100 students are studying in PCL Ist & 2nd year altogether 2 Sections

Tel : 5544023, 5544024, 5524723(For Pharmacy)
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