Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nepal Engineers Association

Nepal Engineers' Association is an independent non profit organization of Nepalese engineers. It was established in1962. Today, it represents more than 12000 engineers.Nepal Engineers Association office is located at Pulchowk behind UNDP building. NEA is governed by an executive body of 15 members elected by members of the association. As the democratically elected representative body of the profession, the Executive Council, supported by its various 20 committees decides major policy issues and NEA's overall direction. Members are encouraged to participate in the affairs of the association. Please contact NEA office or its regional centers or chapters for information.
Nepal Engineers' Association (NEA), a non-profit professional organization, was founded by a group of young enthusiastic engineers in 1968 with a noble aim of developing engineering professionals to promote the development process by application of engineering sciences and technologies and at the same time increasing the interaction, goodwill and cooperation among engineers in Nepal and protect their professional rights. 

Today NEA represents more than 12000 engineers nationwide. NEA during 1968-1989 was successful in establishing this very organization. The organizing of the World Engineering Congress along with first three national conventions were major milestones in this period.

:: Objectives ::
• The help in proper development and mobilization of the engineering science and technology in Nepal.
• To increase mutual consolation, good faith and assistance amongst the Nepalese engineers and safeguard their rights and interests.
• By utilizing, to the highest extent possible, the participation of the engineering manpower of the country in the national development activities of Nepal, to make effort to put and end on foreign dependency in this regard.
• To continuously enhance the highest professional ideals among the members and make it wider.
• To make relations, mutual help and good-faith with international Engineering Association, institutions.

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