Sunday, July 25, 2010

Universal College

Established in 2054 B.S., Universal College is one of the best private institutions in Nepal. As one of the oldest private colleges in Nepal, UC has a long tradition of excellence in teaching, learning and research. It is a unique college and is in the enviable position of being able to boast an excellent international reputation as well as being a leader in research and academic innovation.

+2 Program in Science, management & Humanities ( Morning and Day Shifts)
Every year UC admits a limited number of students in Science, Management and Humanities. The classes are run in the morning and day shifts. The college has already produced +2 Board Record Holder Students securing 92% marks in Physics and 94% marks in Chemistry with Board Second and Third positions.

BBS Program – 3 Years TU (Morning Shift):
UC has been running its BBS Program in affiliation with the TU since 1998 AD. Every year our BBS graduates have also secured excellent results. As a result, UC has been ranked as one of the best private colleges for BBS Program in Nepal. The credit undoubtedly goes to its highly qualified, well-experienced, dedicated and nationally and internationally renowned Faculty Members, Parents and well-disciplined and hard-working students as well. Admissions are open for BBS level after certificate / +2 level results.

BBA Program –TU, 8 - Semester System/ 4-Year (Morning Shift):
UC has also been starting its BBA program in affiliation with TU since 2003 A.D. The college is committed to giving a student-focused quality education so that our students can meet the global demands. Admissions are open for BBA after Certificate/+2 results. Classes are run in the morning between 0700 and 1230 hrs.

BA Program – TU, 3 years (Morning Shift):
UC has also been conducting a 3-year BA Program with English, Journalism / Mass Communication and Sociology as major subjects in affiliation with TU since 2005. The classes are run in the morning between 0615 and 1030 hrs.

B.Sc. in Bio-chemistry Program – 4 years: Affiliated to Pokhara University
UC has been conducting the only one program in Nepal 4-year B.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry in the name of Universal Science College for last 6 years in affiliation with Pokhara University. The Program Director is Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Agrawal, who is one of the honoured scholars in the field of Biochemistry. We hope this program can bring a mini revolution in the field of scientific research by supplying qualified researchers in Nepal. Every year, a number of selected students are going to Korea and the USA for further education, under a full scholarship scheme. Universal Science College is also going to launch MSc in Biochemistry in the near future. Our B.Sc. Research Lab is one of the best labs in Nepal.

MA Program in English – TU, 2 years (Morning Shift):
UC has also a 2-year MA Program in English in affiliation with the TU. Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Prasad Lohani is the Advisor to the Program. Other faculty members are also nationally and internationally renowned, well experienced and highly competent scholars. Our MA program places emphasis on student – focused teaching-learning environment with the state-of-the-art teaching methods. Classes are run in the morning between 0600 and 0940 hrs, and on particular Saturdays and other holidays.

Universal College
Maitidevi Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 4442775, 4428321, 2110043/2048546


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haha!!Best think you made a mistake.You should do some research about universal collage.I studied there for 2 years and was worst decision of my life.Management is crappy.